$100.00 Double Fan



Ballistic (Owen-P., 2016)
height 38 in.(97 cm), bloom 7.25 in.(18 cm), season La, Dormant, Tetraploid, 40 buds, 6 branches, Unusual Form Crispate, Searingly saturated orange red blend with green to gold throat and striking midribs. (Eminent Domain × (Bombay Silk × Wispy Rays))
I LOVE this fantastic flower from Paul Owen. He sure knows how to make em!! If you want to flip over to his website and read all about it feel free, he has a way with words for sure!

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Roth Daylily Farm
161 Roth Auction road
East Peoria, IL. 61611
P:(309) 369-0068

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